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Dataflow Solutions is a provider of ICT hardware solutions. We Specialize in Web Design, Hosting and Development, Customer Flow Management, Customer Feedback systems and
IT Networking, Infrastructure design and Implementations.
Dataflow Solutions was founded in 2009.

Web Design,
Hosting and Development,
Customer Flow Management,
Customer Feedback systems,
IT Networking, Infrastructure design and Implementations.

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Dataflow Solution

PC and Workstation Support

Provide preventive maintenance services to our customers because as the phrase goes Prevention is better than cure, it is better to have your PC & workstation equipment checked on regular basis. We provide such service both on Weekly and Monthly basis according to the demand of our clients.


Customer feedback

DFS provides a real-time Interactive feedback solution using Emojis, that gathers customer feedback in-store and produces powerful business intelligence aimed at optimising the customer experience.

Dataflow Solutions

customer flow management

We provide most advanced QMatic Queue Management system in the world, constantly upgrade to meet future demand of the customer.


​Khaled Raheem(Director &Business Development Manager) 

Dataflow Solutions Pty Ltd

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Annual IT Support contracts

Our Service Level Agreement offer regular visits of our IT engineers to your office. These visits are basically of 2 types:
Incident based Support Visits, or
Preventive Maintenance Visits.

Get in touch with our Experts to discuss the best suited options based on your requirements.

Network Support services

DFS offers network solutions from designing to implementation.Get in touch with one of our experts.

Website Design

When it comes to website design, our speciality is to build visually appealing websites with user experience in mind.

Our premium template-based options are very affordable and give you the ability to get a beautifully designed, professional website created, with endless functionality.

Get in touch with us to get more details.

South Africa

​Syed Quadri(Managing Director)